Google Analytics Bounce Rate for a Blog or Website

Bounce Rate
Google Analytics Bounce Rate is one of the most important parts to think while performing Search Engine Optimization Activities is to check for the bounce rate of Blog or website. I personally think that this is a main factor that can provide you the correct insight of your Website visitors. Google Analytics can gives in depth stats about Bounce Rate.

In Other Words, Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who closes your website or blog without browsing any additional webpage. Therefore this can provide you the hint of what exactly you must to do or include into your website to decrease bounce rate. There are lots of ways in paths to your Blog or website. The home page or index page of a website is one of the important paths & most visited. Many visitors come through home page or index page & if they are unable to get information, which they are looking for then they simply close your blog or website without browsing any other webpage & so your bounce rate will increase.

In detail, each & every webpage should be well optimized in such a way that when a visitor lands on web pages it should get the information that he was looking for. For example, if a visitor comes to your Website through Google natural search with the keyword of “Search Engine Optimization” then your landing page must have this download accessible with other related games in the types if possible. This would absolutely boost visitor loyalty to surf more pages of your blog or website & therefore result in the decrease of bounce rate & increase of success of your main goals. Content rich blog or websites should not have bounce rate of more than 60%. There can be unstable level of entries for different blogs or websites out there but it is good to have this percentage as low as possible.

How to confirm Bounce Rate in Google Analytics:

Step 1: login to this link

Step 2: On the Dashboard screen, you will see Bounce Rate, showing you the overall bounce rate for your website.

Step 3: You can check the detail stats bounce rate for all visitors by clicking on this link. See the screen shot below:


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