How to Perform a SWOT Analysis of Your Website

In a SWOT analysis you identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats to your business. It is used in decision making, problem solving or for making staff aware of the need for change. It can be used at a personal stage when groping your profession path or determining possible career development.

What Is A Website SWOT Analysis?
A SWOT Analysis is a term used for great most successful webmasters. This Post give details that a SWOT analysis is a simple way to study the web marketing policy by looking at the SWOT (websites strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats).

How to perform a SWOT Analysis
Many people see SWOT as equal with strategic planning. In fact, a SWOT analysis is just one of many tools that can be used in a businesses strategic planning process.


SWOT analysis look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats of a Online Business. Strengths & Weaknesses are internal analysis, those characters that the business being analyzed possesses. Opportunities & Threats are external analysis, those qualities that other businesses in the same industry possess.


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