How to Boost your SEO with Google Adwords

Keywords are crucial for SEO. Google Adwords is used by a lot of advertisers as their main PPC (pay per click) network. Google Adwords thus, fetches significant share of paid traffic. However, there is an additional use for Adwords tool. It can be used for SEO. Keyword research is one of the main reasons, an SEO uses Google Adwords. The most searched keywords can be fetched through the help of Adwords tool.

Being master in your niche is not sufficient to find out what keywords are most searched, globally and locally. What will make your site rank more in the search page depends upon your target keywords. Thus, use of Google Adwords can be vital, for keyword help.

Tips to boost SEO with the Help of Google Adwords:
Although, you may be a specialist in your domain, it is difficult to know what keywords are highly searched by people. The Google Adword tool is simple to use and it suggests a list of keywords relevant to your website URL or the key term entered by you.

You may shortlist the keywords from the suggested ones. Focus on those keywords, which are easier to optimize and have significant search volume too. This is a preferable method; rather than trying to rank all your keywords, divert the efforts to only certain keywords.

Ensure Keywords Picked Covert Well:
After you decide to focus on certain keywords, you must also ensure that these keywords work well for you. The investment should be able to give you good returns. However, sometimes a keyword selected may appear on the top page after rigorous SEO but fail to convert well due to higher bounce rate.

Thus, use of Adwords can save your SEO efforts on useless keywords. Google Adwords can suggest you the bounce rate in the beginning and you can decide which keywords to select and which one to skip.

Improves CTR (Click Through Rate):
Keywords selected by you must be doing well, fetching a lot of traffic and appearing on the top page, but the monetary benefit from this traffic might be low due to its low CTR. Google Adwords can suggest best combination of the Ad title and Ad description so that better conversation and website performance is achieved. Before you could get the magical combination of title and description, you might need to have multiple trials and even failures at times.

Use Adwords Tool for Geographic Targeting:
If your website is targeting traffic from different locations, Google Adwords tool can be used to analyze how different locations might convert a keyword. According to the geographic locations that are best converting a specific keyword, you might invest your SEO efforts in it.

SEO can decide the traffic and business of a website. Google Adwords tool helps SEO to find the most popular search keywords and finds out the relevant competition and bounce rate for the keyword. Thus, the above given factors help in improving SEO with Google Adwords for assistance.

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