Are we making SEO too complicated?

SEO has a lot of moving parts -- and that can mean a lot of wasted time and effort if we're not organized. Columnist Ryan Shelley shares his method for simplifying your SEO process by staying focused on results.

Are we making SEO too complicated?

By simplifying your SEO strategy, you will strip from it some of the “extras” that don’t really matter and begin to focus on the tasks and actions that help your site achieve its overall purpose. To help make my point, I want to share something I call the “Simplified Search Productivity Cycle.”

Simplified Search Productivity Cycle

A key thing to remember is that you have to allow yourself flexibility in the process. Keep it simple. Define what you want. Put together a plan of action. Review the results, and adjust as needed. SEO doesn’t have to be super-complicated; it just needs to be focused.

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