SEO Interview FAQ

Have you been to SEO interview any time? If not you may have to go for it in future. So, before you go for it, go through the SEO interview questions, job interview questions and answers, SEO questions and answers and interview questions and answers in the following guide.

Q. What are SEO practices?
Ans. Rewriting the titles in order to contain the keywords, creating backlinks, rewriting the dynamic urls into static urls; all these are SEO practices.

Q. Explain the main role of a search engine spider?
Ans. The primary role of these spiders is to index the sites since even if the spiders visit the website; their primary purpose is not only visiting it; but also indexing its content.

Q. Which of the two are more better several small sites or one big site from SEO point?
Ans. If there is sufficient matter in the similar niche, it is ideal to have it in one big site for 2 reasons. Firstly, increased number of pages is always better to get higher rankings in the search engines and secondly, in this way it makes the site easy for maintenance.

Q. Explain supplemental results?
Ans. These are the results that are sorted out by the search engines to avoid spamming users with same pages that exist on one or the other sites. Hence, even if the supplemental results are repossessed along with the original results, they are observable only if one prefers to have a look at it.

Q. What is keyword difficulty?
Ans. It recognizes how complex it would have been to get better rankings for a specific keyword. The value is greater for the for the more well known words since it would have been quite difficult to have a competition with thousands of other websites for a well known keyword instead of tens of others for the ones that are less popular.

Q. List out the criteria's needed to have page uniqueness in your site?
Ans. They are: titles, code similarity, Meta tags, page titles, headings, page names and text similarity.

Q. What is the significance of Meta Tags?
Ans. Meta tags are used by the search engines to estimate the searching relevancy. Even if the search engines do not depend on these Meta tags to produce the search results, they are sued to varying extent by a number of other search engines. Also, Meta tags are a part of the html coding, they are done on a professional basis like that of the other codes.

Q. Which facts of hyperlink are essential for SEO?
Ans. The anchor text, specifically the keywords, the original location of the link in a hyperlink is very essential. The place where the link directs and for in case of back links the status of a site form where the link initiates is very important as one link to link farms, you may get banned from the search engines.

Q. What is the full form of PPC?
Ans. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It measure the amount of online advertisers should pay every time their ad is being visited or clicked.

Q. Explain Page Rank?
Ans. Page rank is a Technology invented by Google that measures recognition and fame amongst the users. The similar technology exists with Yahoo and it is named as Web Rank. The measurement of a given page by Google is dependent on the quality as well as number of websites that are linked to it.

Q. What are the steps to generate backlinks for a site?
Ans. It basically includes four steps, which are highly recommended and legal, as well
  • Posting your blog or write ups in the technology blogs;
  • Submitting your articles to the technology engines;
  • Exchanging links with some other technology sites that are famous;
  • Providing free organized content to the partner sites.
Q. Define keyword proximity?
Ans. Keyword proximity measures the space amongst 2 keywords in a specific text. It is also used by the search engines for measuring the significance of the given page. The basic concept here is that the closer the keywords are the page becomes highly relevant. Keyword density keeps a record of the number of times a particular keyword is seen on a page.

Q. Is it possible for the search engines to view the pages that are password-protected?
Ans. In many cases, search engines do not differ from the regular users. They are also restricted to go anywhere where a regular user cannot. If any page on a site is protected by a password, it will not be accessible even to the search engines without a password and login Id.

Q. Define organic search?
Ans. Organic search can be defined as the search results established by search engine algorithm. It is the opposite of paid inclusion advertising.

Q. What is Link Farm?
Ans. It is a group of web pages that hyperlink to some other page in a group. It is intentionally done with the aim to manipulate the SERPs and is often fined by the search engines.

Q. How can I check if my site is SEO friendly?
Ans. If you wish to check if your site is SEO friendly, first you need to turn off the Cookies, CSS and JavaScript in the browser and then see the site. This is the way generally the search engines view your site. If you can see your site effectively and are able to pilot it, then it’s an indicator that the site is SEO friendly.

Q. Amongst the two, graphical links and text links, which serves better in SEO?
Ans. Text links are regarded as the best for search engine optimization, since they contain anchor text in it that the web page desires to rank better for. This is a significant aspect in most of the search engines particularly Google. Image links are also important; however they have few advantages associated with it in comparison to that of text links.

Q. What is link building?
Ans. Link building is acquiring more number of links that will point out to your web pages. It is also termed as getting inbound links.

Q. What is link baiting?
Ans. Link baiting is writing good quality content that users would opt to link for naturally.