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Where To Place Your Keywords for Top Rankings?

Once you have your keyword list, what you will do with keywords? Here are given some SEO guidelines on how to place keywords into your pages for maximum ranking benefits:

Keep Your Web Page File Sizes Small: Google and other Top Search Engines like small web pages because of many reason, which are given below:
  • First, Search Engines are indexing full Web page, meaning that they cache and parse the full page, not just Title & Meta tags, therefore smaller Web pages means less storage and bandwidth.
  • Second, a smaller page sends its result to the user quickly, which impresses the user by the Search engines competence. i.e., a smaller page makes the search engine look good.
  • Third, smaller Web pages normally have a higher content ratio, which makes extracting what is important on the web page easier for the search engine.
Title Tags: The title tag is one of the most important parts to place your keywords for Top Ranking. The title tag is the first place that search engines look to figure out what your page is about. Search engines use the first 60 characters of the Title tag. Therefore, you should place your keywords in the title tags

Body Text: Body text is the text that visitor sees on your website. Body text is one more place where you are able to make use of your keywords from your keywords list. Don’t stuff the keywords in your text. The best rule is to use keywords one or two times in each paragraph of your Web page. If you are using your keywords too repeatedly, search engines might find your Website and mark you as spam. Use keywords repeatedly but don’t use them just for the reason of search engines.

Header Tags: Header tag is also an important part of your Website. Header tags are used for headings & Sub headings. Using of header tags in your web page increases the importance of that word. Google crawler when reads your web pages, it highly focuses on the heading content. Place the targeted keywords in header tags. This increases the value of the targeted keyword and help to place your keywords for top position in Search engine.

Linking Text: Linking text is also called as anchor text. Linking text is the clickable text that takes people to another page. It is important to place your keywords into linking text because the text that links to a particular page provides Google and other search engines clue as to what the page is about. For Example: Resume Templates

Guidelines for a Successful SEO Business...!

This article is directed to all those who wish to expand and popularize their business, using the most powerful tool of today, i.e. SEO. SEO simply means Search Engine optimization. This article will serve as the best guide for all the newbie’s, entering the business. People without any knowledge and experience in SEO will benefit the most from it.

Below given are some of the most important steps for a Successful SEO business:

Competitive Intelligence - Know your competitors very well. Collect information about their rankings, which is connecting them, why, etc, all possible details. It will aid you to decide upon the resources as well as the expense for the SEO efforts you make.

Keyword Research - This is the most significant step in SEO process. So, do not take it lightly, focus on this aspect to your maximum.

Web Development and Design - While creating new website, ensure that your design is search-engine friendly. It should appeal to the users at a glance.

Site Maps - The bigger search engines enable the webmasters to submit sitemaps through a webmaster comfort. Get your website registered with the search engines only for the free delivery of statistics and reports offered by them that are indeed valuable for your SEO business.

Content Building - Content is the heart of your website and so, you need to ensure that your website is enriched with a quality and understandable content. The content should not be directed towards praising your site, but also something that will increase traffic and exposé your SEO business.

Traffic Analysis and Ranking - It is important to see where you are standing today in order to make a comparison with the information in future. You must have set your goals and now it’s time to check out, if they all are accomplished. Enhancing ranking is of great significance in SEO; however more essential is the traffic generated towards it.

Link Building - Internet is referred as net because of the links. There are numerous websites that are willing to get linked with you; however they are not aware of you and your content. You can assist them in finding your content as well as getting linked to you.

These were some of the most useful and effective tips for a Successful SEO business. I hope these would prove beneficial to you and have added light in your existing knowledge.