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5 Ways to Maintain your SEO Ranking

You have worked hard to achieve the top spot on Google Search engine -- you now have to defend your position. Writer Daniel Faggella provides his advice for staying on the top.

5 Ways to Maintain your SEO Ranking

Creating a regular source of web site traffic is the basis of every internet business. In case you don’t have site visitors coming aimed at your website, it is impossible to convert them into prospects and loyal, long lasting customers. When you set up yourself being an authority through the lens of Google Search engine, it will improve your presence in search engine queries.

But you may be wondering what happens after you’ve gained your top spot in Google SERPs?

Contrary to public opinion, ranking for particular keywords is merely half the struggle. The core tenets of SEO are constantly changing, and marketers need to remain up to date with the latest trends.

Today, I am going to talk about how exactly you can sustain the keywords for which you have worked extremely hard to achieve rankings. These types of strategies will also help protect you from any potential algorithm changes.
  1. Update your site
  2. Speed up your site
  3. Expand your link building
  4. Outbound and internal links
  5. Build your social media presence

Here are a couple of snappy tips that you can use to build your blog’s visibility on online networking:
  • Add social media share buttons to the sidebar of your articles.
  • Use express suggestions to take action in your content (e.g., “If you liked this content, make sure to share it by clicking this button here.”).
  • Offer a free bit of content to your clients in return for a social media share.

Closing thoughts
SEO is a long-term process that doesn’t generate results overnight. Regularly,you require a couple of months before you start noticing the products of your Search engine optimization work. Executing the above 5 strategies will help you keep up your authority long after you have positioned for a specific keyword.

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Guidelines for a Successful SEO Business...!

This article is directed to all those who wish to expand and popularize their business, using the most powerful tool of today, i.e. SEO. SEO simply means Search Engine optimization. This article will serve as the best guide for all the newbie’s, entering the business. People without any knowledge and experience in SEO will benefit the most from it.

Below given are some of the most important steps for a Successful SEO business:

Competitive Intelligence - Know your competitors very well. Collect information about their rankings, which is connecting them, why, etc, all possible details. It will aid you to decide upon the resources as well as the expense for the SEO efforts you make.

Keyword Research - This is the most significant step in SEO process. So, do not take it lightly, focus on this aspect to your maximum.

Web Development and Design - While creating new website, ensure that your design is search-engine friendly. It should appeal to the users at a glance.

Site Maps - The bigger search engines enable the webmasters to submit sitemaps through a webmaster comfort. Get your website registered with the search engines only for the free delivery of statistics and reports offered by them that are indeed valuable for your SEO business.

Content Building - Content is the heart of your website and so, you need to ensure that your website is enriched with a quality and understandable content. The content should not be directed towards praising your site, but also something that will increase traffic and exposé your SEO business.

Traffic Analysis and Ranking - It is important to see where you are standing today in order to make a comparison with the information in future. You must have set your goals and now it’s time to check out, if they all are accomplished. Enhancing ranking is of great significance in SEO; however more essential is the traffic generated towards it.

Link Building - Internet is referred as net because of the links. There are numerous websites that are willing to get linked with you; however they are not aware of you and your content. You can assist them in finding your content as well as getting linked to you.

These were some of the most useful and effective tips for a Successful SEO business. I hope these would prove beneficial to you and have added light in your existing knowledge.